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Similac Advance Stage 3

Product Of Abbott

  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (Precursors of DHA & ARA)
  • Choline
  • Iron
  • Taurine
  • Iodine
  • Folic acid
  • Zinc

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All Details About Similac Advance Stage 3

Find out detailed description, uses, directions of use, side effects, warnings and precautions, frequently asked questions about Similac Advance Stage 3


Similac Advance is a follow-up infant formula meant for infants 12 months and older. This baby food formula is meant for children between 1 and 2 years of age and who are being weaned. Similac Stage 3 contains a number of nutrients like Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support neurodevelopment. Additionally, the Similac Advance formula contains the nutrients necessary for the development of a healthy immune system.


  • To support and supplement a healthy diet for infants between 12 and 24 months.
  • As a partial meal replacement if suggested by your doctor.

Directions For Use:

  • Follow the suggested feeding schedule as given on the pack. Standard reconstitution is one level scoop of powder for every 30 ml of water
  • Infant food/Infant milk substitute/Infant formula should be used only on the advice of a health worker as to the need for its use and the proper method of its use

Side Effects:

Warning & Precautions:

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Do not use fewer scoops than directed since diluted feeding will not provide adequate nutrients needed by your infant
  •  Do not use more scoops than directed since concentrated feed will not provide the water needed by your infant
  • Important Notice: Mother's milk is best for the baby


Q: What is the weight of this pack?
A: This pack of Similac formula is 400g.

Q: What is the recommended age limit?
A: The recommended age range for this formula is above 1 year and below 2 years.

Q: Is it safe for babies who are lactose intolerant?
A: No, this product contains milk and milk products. Please speak with your doctor regarding lactose intolerance.

Q: Is it a replacement for breast milk?
A: As per most researches, breast milk is best for the baby. Unless advised by your doctor this formula is not a replacement for breast milk.

Q: Does it come with a container?
A: No, this is a 400g refill pack that comes in a cardboard box. Please store in an airtight container if possible


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