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Cancellation Policy

Product Cancellation:

User may cancel the order of a product before it is shipped. Your order will be cancelled right away after we get your request to cancel it.

Service Cancellation:

The Website shall only connect the User with the Doctor/registered medical practitioners of the service booked. Once the appointment has been made and a confirmation has been given to the User, the Company shall inform the Doctor/registered medical practitioners who shall render the consult at the agreed time, location and mode provided at the time of booking the service. We are in no way liable for any deficiency of services if any arises including but not limited to cancellation of order due to unavailability of the Doctor/registered medical practitioners.

No money will be refunded for cancellations made after we have scheduled and confirmed an appointment. The company, at its discretion, may, however, in some cases offer a refund of the full or partial amount if the doctor or other registered medical practitioner is unable to provide care or if an alternative doctor or registered medical practitioner is scheduled to consult. The company's decision in these situations is final.