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Privacy Policy

In order to provide you with the services ("Services") described in the Terms and Conditions at https://www.getomeds.com/page/terms-and-conditions-6, we, "GETOMEDS", "Company", "we", "us", or "our", collect, use, share, and process the information you provide to us through the website www.getomeds.com.

The GETOMEDS website respects your privacy and seeks to comply with applicable legal requirements in respect of data collection, processing, and transfer.

Please carefully read our privacy policy. You agree to be governed by the conditions outlined above and all other terms incorporated by reference by accessing or using this website. If you do not agree to all of these terms, do not use this website.

What is Personal Information?

Information about you that can be used to directly or indirectly identify you is known as personal information. It contains de-identified information that, when combined with other data we have at our disposal, would allow us to identify you. Data that has been permanently anonymized or aggregated so that we cannot identify you from it, even when used in conjunction with other information, is not considered personal data.

You declare that you voluntarily provide us with personal information, including medical information, and that you consent to its collection, use, and disclosure in accordance with this Privacy Policy by clicking "I accept" before using the Website or using our services. Additionally, you ensure that any third parties (such as a kid or an employer) whose information you share with us have given their consent. We shall act in accordance with your representation of authority and won't conduct any additional research to verify your legitimacy. If you share information with us and we handle it as a result and take measures as a result in compliance with this Privacy Policy, you are solely accountable for your acts and omissions if you do not have appropriate authorization.

What kinds of information do we collect?

Like many other websites, GETOMEDS makes use of "cookies." Small data files called cookies are stored on your web browser by websites. These are used to track your behaviour on this website and save information about your preferences and browsing history. You voluntarily agree to and accept the establishment of cookies on your web browser by visiting GETOMEDS. We advise periodically clearing the cookies that are kept on your browser.

The types of information we will gather from you when you sign up or register to use our services on the GETOMEDS website and when you are actually using our services are as follows:

  • Contact information: Name, Address, Contact details, Email ID, Phone Number;
  • Demographic information: Gender, Age, and Date of Birth
  • Data pertaining to your use of the services, such as search history and appointment history made through the use of the services;
  • Any other information relating to the above that you have voluntarily provided to GETOMEDS in order for us to provide a value-added service;
  • Your personal medical history and records, as well as any records generated as a result of using any of the GETOMEDS entity's services;
  • Data regarding your medical qualifications, registrations, and certifications;
  • Any additional information that you voluntarily choose to provide to GETOMEDS through any mode of communication or during any interaction.

Where do we collect your data from?

For end users:

  • Any information that you voluntarily choose to provide to us through website, email, during interaction with us on call or chat and other modes of communication;

For doctors:

  • Before onboarding you, we may request information regarding your qualifications, experience, public profile, and representations made by you to us;
  • During your usage of the Website, we may collect information based on your use of the Services;
  • We may collect other information that you voluntarily choose to provide to us through website, email, during interaction with us on call or chat and other modes of communication;

How do we use your data?

We utilise your personal data for the following reasons, among others:

General (end users and doctors):

  • Your registration with us in order to use our services, your identity, communication, and acceptance of our terms and conditions;
  • Analysis, investigation, instruction, and disclosure to its affiliates, agents, and government authorities (as necessary).
  • Providing you with customised health data, targeted marketing for different healthcare and wellness plans, and personalised services.
  • Improvement of our products and services;
  • Research and analysis for the development of commercial solutions;
  • Handling all of your requests, queries, and concerns about our services; performing additional tasks connected to customer support;
  • Investigating, enforcing, and resolving disputes
  • For the purpose of contacting you to provide you with information on new services and offers, take feedback, assist you with the completion of transactions, or address other issues relating to the use of services;
  • To deliver notifications, messages, alerts, and new offers associated with using the services provided by GETOMEDS on its website;
  • Carrying out our obligations in relation to any agreement with our business partners or contractors;
  • Technical administration and customization of the website, and other general administrative and business purposes;
  • To send you updates on new features, promotions, or goods from GETOMEDS as well as from third-party companies with whom GETOMEDS has a tie-up;

For end users only:

  • creation and maintenance of health records in electronic form in the Personal Health Record (PHR) database;
  • processing any orders you may place using our services;

For doctors only:

  • For verifying your professional credentials and any representations you have made to us,
  • For processing any payments made to you;
  • For providing recommendations to end users based on your expertise and specialisations;
  • For providing any other service to you.

How long will we retain your data?

We store your personal information in accordance with applicable laws, which means we keep your data for as long as necessary to provide you with our services or as may be required under any law. We shall store your personal information for lawful purposes only. We keep de-identified data for research and statistical purposes for a longer period.

If you close your account, we have no obligation to retain your data, and we may delete any or all of your data without liability. However, we may retain data related to you if we believe it may be necessary to prevent fraud or future abuse, if required by law, or for other legitimate purposes. We may continue to store your data in anonymized form for analytical and research purposes.

Information disclosure and transfer

To the extent allowed by applicable law, we may disclose and, in certain situations, transfer your personal information to such organisations as necessary to provide the services you have requested as well as value-added services or other third-party goods and services. You hereby agree that these entities may be based outside of India. We demand that these companies use the same level of security to safeguard your information as we do. The following is a list of potential recipients of information that we might disclose or transfer:

Service Providers: We share personal information with businesses that perform services for us, such as hosting websites, data storage, software development, email delivery, marketing, order fulfilment, payment processing, data analytics, data mining, customer service, and surveying. These businesses must safeguard your data whether they are located inside or outside of India.

On a need-to-know basis, we may additionally disclose information to employees, data processors, consultants, business partners, and technology partners. These organisations would be required by contract to protect the privacy of your data.

Law Enforcement Agencies: We may share information with law enforcement agencies in response to lawful information requests and in other ways as prescribed by any current applicable law, both inside and outside of India.

Other Third Parties:

We may also provide personal information if we believe in good faith that doing so is reasonably necessary to comply with the law, enforce our terms and conditions, stop fraud, or safeguard our users or operations.

It is possible to share anonymized, aggregated data about you with advertising, market research companies, and other partners.

How do we protect your data?

In order to secure the website and the data you submit or upload, we are committed to maintaining the privacy of the information you contribute to the website and to complying by industry standard security measures.

We take reasonable administrative, physical, and technical security precautions to protect the information you submit with us. Additionally, we have extensive internal policies in place to guard against unauthorised access to your information. In order to protect your privacy and the security of your information, we take the necessary precautions to make sure that any third parties with whom we exchange data follow an appropriate degree of security practises and procedures.

However, unless it is a direct and predictable result of our carelessness and disobedience, we are not responsible for any loss, unauthorised access, safety concern, or harm caused to you as a result of any misuse of your personal information. You agree that we are not liable for any actions taken by third parties or on your part that result in loss, harm, or damage to you or another person.

The company will not be held responsible for any losses you may suffer as a result of data loss or theft caused by unauthorised access to the electronic devices you use to access our services. Additionally, you must hold the company harmless in accordance with the Terms of Use.

What are your rights?

We take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. However, you are solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information you provide and contacting us if there are any discrepancies or if you wish to discontinue your use of our services.You have the following rights with regard to your personal information:

You have the right to access your personal information and request corrections and deletions. If your personal information changes, you may correct, delete inaccuracies, or amend information by contacting us through contact@getomeds.com. We will make good faith efforts to make requested changes in our then-active databases as soon as reasonably practicable. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, out of date, or incomplete we have reasonable grounds to suspect that the information provided by you is untrue, inaccurate, out of date, or incomplete, we may, at our sole discretion, discontinue the provision of the Services to you. There may be circumstances where we will not correct, delete, or update your personal information, including (a) where the personal information is opinion data that is kept solely for evaluative purposes, and (b) where the personal information is in documents related to a prosecution if all proceedings relating to the prosecution have not been completed.

You are free to not share any medical or other information that you consider confidential and to withdraw consent for us to use data that you have already provided. In the event that you refuse to share any information or withdraw consent to process information that you have previously given to us, we reserve the right to restrict or deny the provision of our services for which we consider such information to be necessary.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be modified or updated from time to time. You have agreed to the updated privacy policy if you use our goods and services after it becomes effective. If you do not agree with any such revised terms, Please stop utilising our services and contact us to close any existing accounts.