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Met XL 25 Tablet

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Metoprolol Succinate (23.75mg)

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All Details About Met XL 25 Tablet

Find out detailed description, uses, directions of use, side effects, warnings and precautions, frequently asked questions about Met XL 25 Tablet


Met XL 25 tablet is used to treat high blood pressure and various other heart-related conditions such as angina (chest pain) and heart failure, preventing further complications. It contains metoprolol as its active ingredient, which acts by relaxing the blood vessels, reducing the load on the heart and decreasing blood pressure. Met XL 25 tablet should be taken as directed by the doctor and in doses and duration as prescribed. Do not abruptly stop taking the medicine. This tablet should not be used in children below 18 years of age. You may experience side effects like nausea, tiredness, dizziness and headache, which may be mild. However, if these symptoms worsen or persist, contact your doctor immediately. Inform your doctor if you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding and about all the medicines and supplements you take and all the conditions or diseases you suffer from, before starting the tab Met XL 25.


In Treatment of Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Met XL 25 Tablet belongs to a group of medicines called long-acting beta-blocker. Met XL 25 Tablet works by blocking the effects of some chemicals on your heart and blood vessels. It slows down your heart rate and helps it to beat with less force. This lowers your blood pressure and helps in reducing your risk of having a stroke, a heart attack, other heart problems, or kidney problems in the future. This medicine needs to be taken regularly to be effective, so keep taking it even if you feel well. Do not stop without talking to your doctor.

In Treatment of Angina (heart-related chest pain)
Met XL 25 Tablet relaxes the blood vessels so that blood can flow more easily around your body and makes sure that your heart is getting a good supply of oxygen. This makes it less likely that you will suffer chest pain caused by angina. This medicine can help increase your ability to exercise and go about your daily life more easily by reducing the frequency of angina attacks. You should take it regularly and as long as it is prescribed for it to work effectively.

In Treatment of Arrhythmia
Met XL 25 Tablet is used to stabilize heart rhythms (particularly atrial fibrillation). It helps in normalizing an abnormal heart rhythm, preventing it from occurring in the first place or slowing down the heart rate during an episode.

In Prevention of Heart attack
Met XL 25 Tablet helps lower your blood pressure and make it easier for your heart to pump blood around your body. This reduces the chances of you having a heart attack. It can also reduce the risk of dying if it is given immediately after a heart attack. This medicine needs to be taken regularly to be effective, so keep taking it even if you feel well. Do not stop without talking to your doctor.

In Prevention of Migraine
Met XL 25 Tablet helps change electrical activity in the brain, reduce the flow of blood in your brain or increase activity in a region of the brain associated with migraines. By preventing and reducing the frequency of migraine attacks, the medicine can help you carry out your daily activities and improve your quality of life.

Directions For Use:

It may be taken empty stomach or with a meal, but take it regularly at the same time each day to get the maximum benefit. It may take several weeks before you get the full benefit of this medicine and you may need to take it for the rest of your life. However, it is important to continue taking it even if you feel well. Most people with high blood pressure do not have symptoms if you stop taking it your condition may worsen.

Side Effects:

Stomach pain
A sudden drop in blood pressure when you stand from a seated or lying down position (orthostatic hypotension).

Warning & Precautions:

Before taking it, let your doctor know if you have any liver problems. It may also not be suitable for people who have a slow heart rate, severe circulation problems, severe heart failure, or low blood pressure. Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should also consult their doctor before taking it. You must talk to your doctor to find out whether this medicine is suitable for you to use. You should have your blood pressure checked regularly to make sure that this medicine is working properly. Avoid drinking alcohol as it may increase certain side effects.


Q: I recently got diagnosed with diabetes. Can I start my Met XL 25 tablet prescription?
A: Met XL 25 tablet has to be used with caution in people with diabetes. Give the doctor a detailed medical history before starting with the medication.

Q: I have a fungal infection and taking antifungal medicines. Can I take them along with Met XL 25 tablet dosage?
A: There can be interactions between Met XL 25 tablet and antifungal medications. Therefore, inform the doctor about the details of the prescription of the antifungal medicine before you start taking Met XL 25 tablet.

Q: I have asthma. Is it safe for me to take Met XL 25 tablet?
A: Some conditions like asthma might affect the use of Met XL 25 tablet. Inform the doctor about the medical condition in detail before taking Met XL 25 tablet.

Q: Is Met XL 25 tablet a beta-blocker?
A: Yes, Met XL 25 tablet is a selective beta-blocker, which is specific to the heart muscles. Metoprolol in tab Met XL 25 acts by lowering the raised blood pressure, thereby relaxing the blood vessels, which further slows down the heart rate.

Q: Can I stop taking Met XL 25 if my blood pressure level comes under control?
A: It is advised to keep taking Met XL 25 tablets as long as advised by your doctor. You should not stop taking Met XL tablet without consulting your doctor, even if you feel well. Do not stop this medicine on your own. Abrupt discontinuation can worsen the disease condition.

Q: Can I take other supplements along with Met XL 25?
A: It is advised to avoid the intake of potassium rich diet or potassium supplements while on treatment. The doctor might ask for regular monitoring of blood pressure, kidney function and electrolytes level while on the treatment with Met XL 25.

Q: Is Met XL 25 habit forming?
A: No, Met xl 25 does not have habit forming tendencies.

Q: Is Met XL 25 a blood thinner?
A: No, Met XL 25 tablet is not a blood thinner. It is an antihypertensive medicine. It works by relaxing the blood vessels, slowing down the heart rate. By doing this, it reduces the workload on the heart of pumping blood effectively. Met XL 25 is used to lower the raised blood pressure and other associated complications.

Q: Can Met XL 25 tablet make me feel dizzy?
A: Yes, you may feel dizzy after taking Met XL 25 tablet as a common side effect. You might experience this symptom when you suddenly rise from a lying or sitting position. To lower the chance of feeling dizzy or passing out, rise slowly if you have been sitting or lying down. If you experience this often, it is advised to avoid driving or operating machines and consult your doctor.


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