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Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet

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Glimepiride (4mg) + Metformin (1000mg)

Pack of 15 tablet


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All Details About Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet

Find out detailed description, uses, directions of use, side effects, warnings and precautions, frequently asked questions about Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet


Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet 15'S belongs to a class of antidiabetic called 'sulfonylureas' used to lower raised blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes mellitus (non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus - NIDDM). Type 2 diabetes develops if the body does not produce enough insulin or when your body's insulin does not work as well as it should. Insulin is a substance that helps to lower the level of sugar in your blood, especially after meals.


Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet 15'S is used in people with type 2 diabetes to minimize elevated blood sugar levels with a balanced diet and exercise in combination. Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet 15'S can be combined with insulin or other forms of oral antidiabetic medication. Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet 15'S decreases blood sugar levels in a diabetic patient by increasing the production and secretion of insulin from the pancreas beta cells. Thus, it helps in controlling increased blood sugar levels after the meal.

Directions For Use:

Use it as advised by your doctor or check the label for directions before use. Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet PR is to be taken with food.

Side Effects:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Blood pressure drop
  • Shock
  • Abnormal liver function
  • Including skin and eye yellowing (jaundice)
  • Bile flow issues (cholestasis)
  • Liver inflammation (hepatitis) or failure of the liver

Warning & Precautions:

Before taking Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet 15'S, inform your doctor if you are healing from injury, had or going to have surgery, have fever infections or other sources of stress, then contact your doctor as it might be appropriate to adjust care temporarily. If you have a serious kidney/liver disease, breastfeeding or pregnant, consult the doctor before using Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet 15'S. Do not take Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet 15'S if you are allergic to sulpha drugs, glimepiride, or any other antidiabetic medicines or have a deficiency of glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD). A heart disease patient should consult a doctor before taking the Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet 15'S as it may worsen the heart disease's current conditions. Do not take Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet 15'S with oral contraceptives as it may increase blood sugar levels. On the other hand, taking Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet 15'S with pain killers like aspirin or ibuprofen can lower your blood sugar.


Q. What are the recommended storage conditions for Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet PR?
Keep this medicine in the container or the pack it came in, tightly closed. Store it according to the instructions mentioned on the pack or label. Dispose of the unused medicine. Make sure it is not consumed by pets, children and other people.

Q. Can the use of  Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet PR lead to lactic acidosis?
Yes, the use of  Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet PR can lead to lactic acidosis. It is a medical emergency which is caused by increased levels of lactic acid in the blood. It is also known as MALA (Metformin-associated lactic acidosis). It is a rare side effect associated with the use of metformin and therefore, it is considered to be harmful for patients with underlying kidney disease, old age patients or who take large amounts of alcohol. Symptoms of lactic acidosis may include muscle pain or weakness, dizziness, tiredness, feeling of cold in arms and legs, difficulty in breathing, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain or slow heart rate. If you have these symptoms, stop taking  Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet PR and consult your doctor immediately.

Q. What is  Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet PR?
 Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet PR is a combination of two medicines: Glimepiride and Metformin. This medicine is used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM). It improves blood glucose levels in adults when taken along with proper diet and regular exercise. Glimepiride lowers the blood glucose levels by increasing the release of insulin from the pancreas. Metformin works by lowering the glucose production in the liver and improving insulin sensitivity. This combination is not indicated for the treatment of type 1 DM.

Q. What are the possible side effects of  Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet PR?
The use of  Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet PR is associated with common side effects like hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level), altered taste, nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, headache and upper respiratory tract infection. Its use can also lead to serious but rare side effects like lactic acidosis. On long-term use it can also lead to Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Q. Can the use of  Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet PR lead to Vitamin B12 deficiency?
Yes, the use of  Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet PR can cause Vitamin B12 deficiency on long-term use. It interferes with the absorption of Vitamin B12 in the stomach. If untreated, it may cause anemia and nerve problems and the patient can experience tingling sensation and numbness in hands and feet, weakness, urinary problems, change in mental status and difficulty in maintaining balance (ataxia). To avoid such problems, some researchers suggest an intake of Vitamin B12 from outside sources at least once every year.

Q. Can the use of  Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet PR cause hypoglycemia?
Yes, the use of  Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet PR can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level). Symptoms of hypoglycemia include nausea, headache, irritability, hunger, sweating, dizziness, fast heart rate and feeling anxious or shaky. It happens more often if you miss or delay your food, drink alcohol, over-exercise or take other antidiabetic medicine along with it. So, regular monitoring of the blood sugar level is important. Always keep a quick source of sugar like glucose tablets, honey or fruit juice with you.

Q. Is it safe to take alcohol while I am also taking  Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet PR?
No, it is not safe to take  Glimigen-M3 Forte Tablet PR along with alcohol, as it may lower your blood sugar levels and lead to hypoglycemia. It can also increase the chances of lactic acidosis.


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