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Dexolac Premium 1 Infant

Product Of Nutricia International Pvt Ltd


Partially Skimmed Milk, Lactose, Edible Oils, Demineralised Whey and Whey Solids, Emulsifier, Taurine, Antioxidants, L-Carnitine, Vitamins, Minerals.

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Dexolac 1 is an infant formula powder designed for supporting the growth and development of babies when breastmilk is unavailable. The unique Dexolac 1 formula contains all the necessary nutrients that a baby needs in a simple powder and can be used as a milk substitute under medical supervision. With Dexolac 1 you can be sure your child is getting their required daily macronutrients as well as vitamins and minerals.


  • Nutritional supplement for children lacking proper or balanced nutrition.
  • Milk-substitute for infants when breastmilk is unavailable or insufficient.

Directions For Use:

  • Read the preparation instructions printed on the pack and follow them carefully.
  • Always maintain clean hands and proper hygiene during preparation and feeding.
  • Sterilise feeding utensils and cutlery before starting the preparation.
  • For the ratio of water to the powder, refer to the feeding chart provided on the pack.
  • For any doubts, refer to a health worker before using this product.

Side Effects:

Warning & Precautions:

  • Do not use this product without medical supervision.
  • Follow the preparation instructions without adding or subtracting the amount of formula or water.
  • Store away from the heat, moisture and sunlight.
  • Do not serve it to lactose-intolerant children.



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